Allbet Gaming Casino Malaysia

Allbet Gaming has started operating since 2014, they are one of Asia's most innovative gambling and entertainment company. Allbet Gaming prides itself on having the best team to develop their products and services. Allbet Gaming has been benefit from more than 10 years experience expertise in the gaming & gambling sector and are driven by their passion to give the very best gaming experience for their clients. They've been developed the very best Baccarat gaming platform much exceeding any competitor. The outstanding function and designs of this platform have all been developed with the customer's satisfaction in mind. The originated Multi-Play function enable gamers to keep an eye on all of the fad allocations from Dragon Hall and Quick Hall players can also preset betting mode choices into 8 or 4 tables, distribution of 6 cards initially, exclusive use of VIP table, Squeeze cards in Baccarat and many more features. These factors have led Allbet Gambling to emerge as one of the very best in this industry.

The eyesight of Allbet has always been about developing new ideas and moving the business forward. In the recent years Allbet Gaming has been following the market trends closely since have introduced our mobile device gaming platform. At the same time, Allbet Gaming have continuously extended their business model by placing up VIP electronic bidding lounges and brought in different modes of play such as the probability games.

Allbet Gaming keeps a reasonable, just and secure standard across our services. Allbet Gaming has been approved by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). And has been granted a pass in standards by the Third Party testing house Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Live Casino Games

Live Studio / Gambling Hall

The Allbet Gaming live studio is located in PBCom at Makati Central Business District, Philippines, covering an area of approximately 1,500 square meters. With more than 400 employees, Allbet Gaming has five different game halls for the Live Casino service and they are Dragon Hall, Speed Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall and BidMe Hall. Each and every room has its own distinct features and functions to meet the diverse needs of all customers and also to provide the customers the feeling of excitement from being personally on the spectacle of a true casino.

Dragon Hall

The Dragon Hall has a total of 16 tables all operated by live dealers. There are 13 tables of Baccarat and 1 table for Dragon Tiger, 1 table for Roulette and 1 table for Win Three Cards. To ensure fair play, the Baccarat table first deals 6 cards and the result of the game is determined even before the players place their bets. The Dragon Hall also provides handicaps and chair selection functions. Players can also adjust their betting limits in accordance with their needs. Additionally, each table's interface, settings and controls are set up together with the advice and testing of professionals from the industry to make it user-friendly as possible and simulate the ideal gaming experience.

Multi Play

Multi Play is for players that like to play on multiple tables at once. By allowing players to watch on up to 12 tables simultaneously, Multi Play will allow players to grasp that perfect moment to place a bet. Another advantage of utilizing Multi Play is that it will allow you to join the table with all the best running streak so you're able to create opportunities for consecutive wins. Moreover, players in this mode can preset and adjust their betting settings according to their needs. The betting settings include 8 and 4 tables. Multi Play is definitely the one to decide to maximise opportunities for winning more bets.

VIP Hall

The VIP hall is the unrivalled experience for the top players. Not only are the tables hosted by top Allbet Gaming's dealers, playing with chips and betting limits are all rated up in the VIP range. This hall is created with exclusive services to appeal for our prestigious players that want to place huge bets. In here, players can enjoy all the privileges usually offered at a true casino including exclusive usage of a table, control over the timing of turning over cards, unlimited freehand, Smart Squeeze function, change of dealers or shoes, etc.. Players that choose to have exclusive use of a table may also set password and invite friends to join the action. Enter the VIP Hall now to enjoy the prestige experience.


The BMQ Hall gives you the very best experience of playing Baccarat like you are in the casino. In this, players may auction for the right to squeeze cards. After a successful bid, players will continue to have the chance to bid again in the auction. The player with the highest bid will win the right of squeezing the cards. This interface also offers a 360 degree viewing feature which allows you to squeeze the card from any direction and ensures that each time you play is a different and satisfying experience. To add to this, the BMQ Hall is set up with interactive sound effects to be turn on at your desire. When turned on during squeezing, your card will be announced by an appealing female voice like at a real casino providing you with an immediate increase in confidence along with a powerful presence at the table.

Types of Games


Baccarat is your most common game in the online casino malaysia. Due to its international recognition because of its fairness, it is by far the most popular game now. Allbet Gaming also ensured the game to be fair and transparent. The way of dealing 6 cards first and having the result determined before gamers place their bets is employed to ensure these fairness are carried out fully. To enhance Baccarat players' experience, Allbet Gaming provide multiple tables of this game, no commission tables, (MAI Card) and exclusive use of tables to ensure all players can experience all the excitement and thrills their get in from being at a real casino.

Dragon Tiger

The game of Dragon Tiger is almost the same as Baccarat but with a single card for each banker and player. The winner is simply dependent on the highest point in one's hand of card. Due to the simple rules this game has gained popularity rapidly.


SicBo is also commonly called BIG SMALL because players bid on if the sum of the die are big or small. This game is fast paced and enables players to place unique mixtures of bids. Surely a favourite for players in Asia.

Win Three Cards

This is a classic and popular card game that played across the cities in China. Which the game was called "Win Three Cards". The game is quite extraordinary. Beside of great fun, it supply betting options with greatest odd of 120 to 1. It challenge the intelligence and courage of the players with a fantastic game.


Roulette gives players a very varied selection of options to place bets and it's another game widely appreciated at the match. Allbet Gaming platforms, simulates a hard to beat expertise with our specialist dealers expertly moving balls easily across a quick spinning wheel.

Bull Bull

The game of Bull Bull was originated from China with the nickname of "bullfight". It is a conventional card game which was widely played and popularized by Asian players.

The rules are simple and easy to play using the standard 1 deck of cards for each game round. Both banker and players will receives 5 cards for each round, find 3 cards that can be add up to a number of 10 that is called "bull", add the remaining 2 cards to find out the value. To win, the player need to have a higher card than the banker.